The Prevent Duty Pack

Comply with the DfE's guidelines on radicalisation (SAVE £400)

The Prevent Duty INSET Training Pack will allow you to train up every member of staff on the DfE's new guidelines regarding radicalisation and promotion of British values, and ensure your school is compliant with the regulations released in 2015.
Only £499 (discounted from £899).

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Does your Primary School comply with the Prevent Duty?

As a Primary School Leader you have been tasked by the DfE with the duty to ensure your staff are trained to identify and follow the correct procedures if they have children at risk of radicalisation.

Schools also have to build a resilience in young people and promote fundamental British values which is deemed to be at the heart of preventing radicalisation. Schools can do this by providing safe places in which children can discuss controversial issues, and be given the knowledge and confidence to challenge extremist beliefs and ideologies.

Our packs will help you clarify what the Prevent Duty means for primary schools, outline what you can do to help protect children from the risk of radicalisation, make clear what school leaders must do to demonstrate compliance with the duty, and provide you with helpful sources of information, advice and support on this duty.

The pack comprises of 3 bite-sized training packs - How to Achieve Perfect SMSC, E-Safety Training for School Staff, and E-Safety Training Workshop for Parents. 

Each of these packs cover topics surrounding the whole subject areas of SMSC and E-Safety, and are provided as a combined total of over 380 PowerPoint training slides, (plus multiple activity sheets, trainer notes, photocopiable worksheets and certificates), of which over 70 of these training slides are dedicated to the key topics and elements focused on radicalisation and the Prevent Duty in Primary Schools.

Created by a Head Teacher who has twice been graded as ‘outstanding’, this DIY INSET training pack comes in Microsoft Office® format.

What's included in this training pack?

3x PowerPoint® Presentations (Inc. 70+ Prevent Duty Slides)

The Tools to Achieve an Outstanding Ofsted Pack (170+ Resources)

Interactive Activities & Notes for the Trainer

Photocopiable Worksheets & Take Away Documents for Participants

Editable Certificate - for Participants Who Have Completed the Training

Course Documentation for Participants to Take Away

Who is this pack suitable for?

  • Lunch Supervisors, Volunteers & Parents
  • Subject Teachers
  • Assistant Head Teachers
  • SENCOs / Learning Support
  • Subject Leaders
  • Deputy Head Teachers
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Governors
  • Head Teachers

3 Reasons why you should do your own INSET training

Save £££

This pack will hugely reduce your staff training costs

Full Staff Training

Train not just one but every member of your staff in-school

Designed by Experts

The pack is designed by an ‘outstanding’ graded Head Teacher

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