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DIY INSET Training Packs to train up your staff

Our training packs offer primary schools an alternative to sending staff on multiple external courses. The packs are designed to give you the tools and guidance to train up your whole staff in-house, using a single inclusive training solution at a fraction of the cost of external courses/trainers.

The DIY INSET training packs have been created by a Head Teacher who has twice been graded as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted. They are provided in Microsoft Office® format, and all the presentations are unbranded so you can add your own school logo to personalise the training to your own school.

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Train up a whole school for the price of trainingone staff member externally!

The DIY approach to INSET training is currently taking primary schools by storm; not only does it give a school their own tools to train in-house, it also offers a huge price saving over external training options.

Today’s average training price for a single member of staff is estimated at £300, and that is excluding all the additional travel and lesson cover costs required to send them out of school for the day. Our bite-size packs are priced at just £299, with the benefit that for this price you are training not one member of staff, but all of the staff, governors, teaching assistants and even parents at your school!

You can also order our ‘Complete’ training packs which group together all topic related bite-size packs into one all-encompassing training solution at a discounted price.

How staff excel with Zen Education’s training

The DIY packs provide staff with the training needed to develop their level of teaching and learning, whilst helping them to understand what Ofsted inspectors will be looking for during inspections.

The packs provide a collaborative training environment which, being inclusive in its nature, will encourage staff to work together so key strategies can be implemented across the whole school with ease, which ultimately helps your primary school reach an outstanding Ofsted rating.

What's Included in these Training Packs

Slide Powerpoint® Training Presentation

Interactive Activities

Comprehensive Notes for the Trainer

Photocopiable Worksheets & Take Away Documents for Participants

Editable Certificate - for Participants Who Have Completed the Training

Course Documentation for Participants to Take Away

Who are our resources and packs suitable for?

  • Head Teachers
  • Governors
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Deputy Head Teachers
  • Subject Leaders
  • SENCOs / Learning Support
  • Assistant Head Teachers
  • Subject Teachers
  • Lunch Supervisors,
    Volunteers & Parents

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